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One day I decided to turn a hot water cylinder in to a pair of tiny star shaped earrings.... and I haven't stopped since! My jewellery branches out in many different directions at once, metals, fabrics, plastic all get bundled together to create very different and eyecatching pieces

Monday, 9 March 2009

Had the most crazy day today... I found a stray dog in the back lane, she was very excitable and friendly. There was no name on the collar and no sign of anyone around. She came indoors and Moomin the cat made a very swift exit.
I decided to go and knock on a few doors to see if I could track down her owner. She was so strong and literally pulled me the length and breadth of Penzance! Finally managed to steer the dog back to my house only to discover I had locked my self out!!! Enlisted the help if my elderly neighbours to lend me a ladder and hold the dog whilst I hitched up my skirt and tried to climb the back gate...which is 7 foot high. I am 5 foot 2. I got an attack of the wobbles on top of the gate and my neighbour had to help me down. Rang my dad and he came to save the day!
Whilst my dad was dangling over the gate, a man with another dog came over and said that it might belong to someone who owns a shop in town so after a few phone calls I managed to get hold of the owner!
When she turned up to collect the dog, who was called Jessie, she recognised me from a Christmas jewellery fair I did where she had bought some of my earrings! Small world eh?


  1. Aww! Poor dog! how did she lose her dog?!!!

  2. Aww. I had a similar experience when a skinny greyhound turned up at my backdoor. I had to keep her overnight til I found out who her owner was. Give my regards to Penzance, lived in St Erth until a few months ago.

  3. Aw I only just saw this, She's a real cutie of a dog isn't she? Time you got one of your own I reckon!