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One day I decided to turn a hot water cylinder in to a pair of tiny star shaped earrings.... and I haven't stopped since! My jewellery branches out in many different directions at once, metals, fabrics, plastic all get bundled together to create very different and eyecatching pieces

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Here's one I made earlier...

I'm trying to use every last tiny bit of copper...
I use reward stickers as templates...makes me feel like a good girl
shaping and filing
cleaned up
heated until cherry red...
preparing the borax
painting on the borax
little stars are ready
wire on the jig
flux and solder...and potato...
leather mallet to anneal and shape
bees wax to protect and add a bit of shine
the finished earrings!

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  1. Wow, fab earrings. Looks like you have a lot of patience, but the end result looks great.